1. New Prescriptions

Place a request for a new prescription with us. Let us get in contact with your physician for better assistance.

2. Existing Prescriptions

Set an automatic prescription refill with us or set a refill reminder.

3. Schedule

Choose a date and time for the delivery of the medications.

4. Delivered

Get your medicines delivered to you within the same day at your home address.


Delivery for patients within our immediate delivery area is not only free, it’s delivered the same day! For those clients beyond our immediate delivery area, we offer free USPS delivery.


Paying for your prescription is easy. We accept most third party insurance plans and all major credit cards. Any medication or supply not covered by your insurance can be paid for by credit card or check.

Fast, Friendly Personalized

We are always available to answer any questions you might have about your medication. Our toll-free number. 1-800-216-0421 is always answered by a staff member on call 24 hours a day.

Your doctor can fax us at 1-888-913-6337, or E-Prescribe us your prescription and we will process it quickly and efficiently and deliver it to your home.

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